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Established in 2010 Benevolent Evangelical Mission was incorporated as a charitable recognized organization in 2011


The Benevolent Evangelical Mission (BEM) is an evangelical and benevolent Christian Non-Governmental Organization. It focuses on connecting the net with individuals, churches, missionaries and Christians in order to promote communications and fellowships for mutual edification in rural communities.

Poverty in Ghana is on the increase in spite of the modest effort made by the government and other non-governmental organizations and donor agencies. Unconscious of the general socio-economic laws in operation and unaware of their class potentials, the bulk of the population,  especially the rural folks, are left unorganized in any form.

In Ghana today, more than 70% of the poor reside in the rural areas, concentrating on farming. So it is indeed obvious that an overwhelming segment of the national population suffer economic, social and political marginalization and exclusion due to extremities of poverty.

This trend/scenario increasing portends considerable threat to national stability and development. Badly hit, some of them especially the fertile youth migrate from the rural areas to urban centers leading to a usage stretched on the limited resources in the urban areas (thus urban poverty) to look for jobs which are scarcely available. Being jobless in the cities, they grow in their impersonal alienated human relations; where numbers of these migrants degenerate into anti-social elements such as gamblers, robbers, prostitutes etc., while others are left on the streets in the cities trying to earn living, the main cause for child labor streets. Critical analysis is obvious that when rural poverty is checked or controlled, urban poverty will take care of itself since urban poverty is the direct result of usage stretch on limited resources in the urban areas.

In any discussion of the issue of poverty in Ghana, a distinction must be drawn between the various shapes of poverty as in the savanna zones of the country and poverty accounted for by social differences. As such, health and environment, education and socio-economic as well as the spiritual aspect of human development are essential ingredients that must be addressed in the Christian’s mission work.


Rev. Charles Kingsley Kwabena Kissi Kurankye was born in December 1969 to Mr. John Kofi Kurankye and Miss Agnes Kissiwah Kurankye (both deceased). 

Pastor Kingsley is a graduate of Faith and Fire Bible School, and Faith and Fire Revival Bible College of USA., of 2001 group. Also one of the pioneers of the Simple Church elders in Ghana since August 2008. The result is the raising of a Christian Association to equip and strengthen disciples of Jesus in every latitudinal and longitudinal habitation around the world, especially in Africa and sub region also evangelize in rural communities, planting organic churches. Established in 2010 BEM was incorporated as a charitable recognized organization in 2011 by the Department of Social Welfare.

Pilot outreach programs have covered the Eastern, Central, Western, Volta, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Greater Accra Regions under the cover of relief supplies of used clothing’s, Mosquito nets, medicals, sports equipment, text books for primary schools and food aids to various rural communities in the country.

Rev. Charles Kingsley Kwabena Kissi Kurankye

Rev. Charles Kingsley Kwabena Kissi Kurankye