Our God Does Not Give Up Until He Fulfills His Purposes in Our Lives

As we continue to read the book of Genesis it becomes clear that History is nothing but God’s Story told in His own words. That’s because the Book of Genesis tells history from God’s perspective. Our meditation on God’s story helps us to establish and strengthen a strong foundation of faith on which we can build our life. Our thought for our reflection this Wednesday morning is, “Our God Does Not Give Up Until He Fulfills His Purposes in Our Lives.”

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”
(Genesis 28:15).

God chose Jacob instead of Esau though we do not find any worthy qualities in Jacob. God did have many reasons to reject or discard Jacob but He did not.  During God’s first direct personal address to Jacob in Genesis 28:13-15, He confirmed Jacob’s chosen position in His divine plan, in spite of being found unworthy as per God’s standards. And He repeated to Jacob three key promises that He had made earlier to Abraham, keeping in mind His divine purposes.

1. You will receive my Provision.

Jacob left his home and was living a life, out of step with God. With the aim of bringing Jacob on track, God appeared to him. When Jacob was going with the agenda of finding his wife, God announced that He would provide what was in line with His plan. He said, 

“I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying
(Genesis 28:13).

He further said, 

“All peoples on earth will be blessed through you…”
(Genesis 28:14). 

Do we realize that God’s blessings and provisions in our lives are to bless others and His mission?

2. You will enjoy my Presence.

At a time when Jacob felt lonely, far away from family, God promised him, 

“I am with you…”
(Genesis 28:15a) 

God did not stop there but continued with these words: 

“I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you”
(Genesis 28:15c)

What else does a lonely person need but an assurance that His Creator would never leave him alone?

3. You will experience my Protection.

The pronouncement of blessings on Jacob at Bethel included the promise of divine protection.

God said, “I… will watch over you wherever you go”
(Genesis 28:15b)

God did not promise Jacob that he would not suffer hardships but guaranteed him His divine protection in every situation and every place. Why God promised to watch over Jacob? So that He might fulfill His divine plan. Are we struggling to trust in God’s protection when hardships become unbearable?

Let’s pray: 

“Dear Lord, Thank you so much for not writing me off due to my unworthy character. Forgive me if my ways are out of step with your plans for me. Just as you tried to bring Jacob back to your track, redirect my ways to your path, too. I totally surrender my ways to you, so that you can fulfill your purposes in my life. I begin this day trusting in your presence, provision and protection. Keep me as a blessing to the nations. 
In Jesus’ name,...  Amen.