Our God comes to the Rescue of Those who are Falsely Accused

When we are falsely accused, we feel unjustly treated, unloved, abused and rejected. And we also sometimes feel that, not only the people who falsely accuse us are unfair but even life itself is unfair to us. We question God and get frustrated. We even at times consider somehow getting even with those who falsely accuse us. But our thought for reflection this morning is,"Our God comes to the rescue of those who are falsely accused."


"But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him..."

(Genesis 39:20b).


Deprived of father's love, separated from home, sold by brothers to strangers, falsely accused of attempting to rape his master's wife and imprisoned, Joseph must have felt forsaken and dejected. But we read that God came to his rescue in that desperate situation:

1. God SUPPORTED Joseph in the prison.

Joseph who was confused and sorrow-stricken, must have been really comforted and strengthened by the divine presence of God in the prison. At a time when no one came to his rescue or to support, God intervened. The Bible simply says, "But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him" (Genesis 39:20b). Are we going through a prison experience and feel that there is no one to support us?

2. God SHOWED kindness to Joseph when others were unkind to him.

In fact, not only his own brothers but his master's wife as well as his master whom he had faithfully served, proved to be unkind to Joseph. His hard work and loyalty was rewarded by false accusation, character assassination and imprisonment. But the Bible says, "... He (God) showed him kindness and granted him favour in the eyes of the prison warden" (Genesis 39:21). Don't we often forget the truth that even when the whole world is unkind to us, God would be kind to us?

Thus it is quite clear that when we are falsely accused and left alone, God would definitely come to our rescue. He would support us by being with us and by showing kindness and showering His divine favour upon us.


"Dear Lord, you alone know how much I feel hurt and grieved when I am misunderstood and falsely accused. I believe that even when others subject me to unjustified ill treatment and false accusation, you would come to my rescue. Thanks for your divine presence and kindness at such times of ill treatment. Trusting in your support, strength, kindness and favour I begin this new day.

In Jesus' name,...  Amen!"

Blessed day!