Our God Intends to use Us as Channels to Bless Others

When God blesses us, we feel excited and duly rewarded for our own goodness and faithfulness. At the same time we selfishly conclude that all of God's blessings are for us and for our own families to enjoy. But the whole Bible talks about God always having a bigger picture whenever He blesses an individual or a nation. Our thought for reflection this morning is "Our God intents to use us as channels to bless others."


"From the time he put him (Joseph) in charge of his household and of all that he owned, the Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. The blessing of the Lord was on everything Potiphar had, both in the house and in the field"

(Genesis 39: 5).


Yahweh had promised Abraham that through him, his descendants and all the nations would be blessed. In line with that promise Yahweh blessed the Egyptian because of Joseph. Thus God always blesses His children and keeps  them as a blessing to others.

1. God uses His TRUSTWORTHY children to bless others.

The abundance of blessing that Potiphar received because of Joseph is emphasized by the repetition of the word "everything" (Genesis 39:3, 4,5 & 6). When God was with Joseph, Potiphar found him as a trustworthy man, and "...he entrusted to his care everything he owned" (Genesis 39:4). He literally put his trustworthy servant Joseph in charge of his family and all that he owned (Genesis 39:5). Are our bosses and leaders able to see God giving us success  in everything we do?  Do they find us trustworthy like Joseph to the extent that they are ready to entrust us with key responsibilities?

2. God uses His FAITHFUL and loyal children to bless others.

As God was with Joseph, Potiphar found Joseph to be a faithful, committed, loyal, reliable and dependable servant. "So he left in Joseph's care everything he had; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate"(Genesis 39:6). Are our bosses able to see God being with us and we being loyal and faithful stewards of everything that we are entrusted with like Joseph?

James W Roll said, "The Lord does not bless us solely for our own sake. He blesses us so that we can be a blessing."

Let's pray: "Dear Lord, thank you for all your blessings in my life. Thank you for reminding me that you are blessing me in order to be a channel of blessing to others. Help my bosses and colleagues to see that you are with me. Help me to be found as a trustworthy and faithful worker like Joseph so that they can entrust me with even key and bigger responsibilities wherever I am.

In Jesus' name,...  Amen!"

Blessed day!