Our God Will Bless Our Efforts and Keep Us as a Blessing to Others When Our Ways are Pleasing to Him

When we are in a job we often feel that we have not been rewarded well for the hard work we have put in. In spite of investing much time and financial resources if there is not enough success any businessman will be disappointed. But as Christians we need to always keep in mind that it is God who rewards us and true promotion and success come only from Him. Our thought for reflection this Friday morning is, “Our God Will Bless Our Efforts and Keep Us as a Blessing to Others When Our Ways are Pleasing to Him”.

But Laban said to him, “If I have found favour in your eyes, please stay. I have learned… the Lord has blessed me because of you”
(Genesis 30:27)

When Jacob first arrived in Padan Aram he was a deceptive manipulator who depended on his own abilities and cunningness to achieve what he wanted. But after fourteen years of service for his uncle Laban, we find a huge change in Jacob’s character. Even his cunning uncle Laban saw in Jacob, God’s grace operating and blessing him. Laban even openly acknowledged that it was because of Jacob that the Lord had blessed him. We find two important God pleasing work related characteristics in Jacob:

1. Jacob presented himself as a sincere and righteous worker.

When Laban tried to force Jacob to stay with him by promising to pay good wages, Jacob replied, 

“You know how I have worked for you”
(Genesis 30:29a). 

This reply of Jacob reveals that his conscience was clear that he had not been a lethargic or lazy worker but a sincere worker who had slogged for Laban for fourteen years. Jacob further said, 

“And my honesty will testify for me in the future, whenever you check on the wages you have paid me”
(Genesis 30:33). 

This shows that Jacob had progressed to the point where he relied upon his righteous conduct to secure blessings and prosperity from God. Are we sincere in the work entrusted in our hands? Are our attitude and ways at work, righteous and honest before God?

2. Jacob presented himself as a faithful worker.

Jacob must have really taken care of his uncle Laban’s cattle very well. That’s the reason he could boldly say to Laban, 

“You know how … your livestock has fared under my care”
(Genesis 30:29b). 

The abundant increase in Laban’s livestock was a testimony to Jacob’s faithfulness in the work given to him. In Genesis 30:31a, Laban asked Jacob, “What shall I give you?” This is like our boss today asking us “How much pay increase you want?” Look at Jacob’s reply, 

“Don’t give me anything”
(Genesis 30:31b). 

Jacob knew that God who had blessed even Laban because of his hard work would reward him too, due to his faithfulness. Would God find us as faithful workers or staff at the place where He has placed us? 

Let’s pray: 

“Dear Lord, thank you so much for the job, ministry or business that you have entrusted in my hands. I am aware Lord that they belong to you and that it is you who has blessed me with them. Help me not to take them for granted. Let those above me and those who work with me see that you are with me. Just as you kept Jacob as a blessing to Laban, keep me as a blessing to every person with whom I work, study, serve and live. Give me the grace to work as if I am serving you with all sincerity, righteousness and faithfulness.
In Jesus’ name,...  Amen.” 

Blessed weekend!