Our God Will Never Change Even Others Do

Everything in this world keep changing! We cannot predict how things will be tomorrow on the basis of how things were yesterday or how things are today. So also are friends, colleagues, business partners and sometimes even family members. Those who are and were close to us till recently, can suddenly become very indifferent. Our thought for refection this morning is, “Our God Will Never Change Even Others Do.”

And Jacob noticed that Laban 's attitude towards towards him was not what it had been. Then the Lord said to Jacob, “Go back to the Land of your father's and to your relatives, and I will be you.”
(Genesis 31:2-3).

Jacob had difficulty in handling first Laban's deception and later his sons' envy. In spite of Jacob being their brother in law, Laban's son's treated Jacob like an outsider and total stranger. Jacob faced two difficulties.

1. Accusation from unexpected sources.

Laban's sons falsely accused Jacob of taking everything owned by their father and of becoming rich by deceiving him (Genesis 31:1). It must have been very painful to Jacob to be falsely accused of a crime he was not guilty of. Are we hurt by the false accusations thrown at us by people very close to us?

2. Attitudes which were unbecoming of close associates.

Jacob must have been shocked to find a sudden change in Laban's behaviour and attitude towards him. Of all the persons Laban was the last person from whom Jacob expected that behaviour. With great pain he told his wives, 

“I see that your father's attitude toward me is not what it was before”
(Genesis 31:5)

Are we in state of shock and sadness over the indifferent attitude of those who were once very close to us?

It is important how, we as Christians, respond when we are falsely accused or become victims of unfriendly attitudes of those around us. Jacob, instead of reacting, positively responded by remembering God's unchanging character and goodness in his life.He said, 

“The God of my father has been with me”
(Genesis 31:5b). 

Let's pray: 

“Dear Lord, you alone know how I am being falsely accused and how hurt I am due to the indifferent attitudes of others. Give me the grace not to react to their indifferent behaviour but to respond by remembering your faithfulness in my life. Help me to reflect on your goodness on the face of envy, false accusation and indifferent attitudes. Trusting in your unchanging character I begin this new day and week. In Jesus' name,...  Amen!” 

Blessed Week Ahead!